How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

Selecting an assisted living facility should not be about price alone but how quality their care is.  Use this website to help you choose a good assisted living facility. 

You need to ask concerning nutritional services. Good assisted living facilities can handle the residents’ nutritional and food needs.  You want your aging person to meet his/her dietary requirements all the time.  During your consultation with the senior staff, you should look into whether a facility has the equipment for providing for the nutritional requirements of their residents and if they agree with people making special diet requests.  You need to know the person responsible for the preparation and planning of meals and at what intervals meals are served. Moreover, ask whether meals are served in a central place because it is good that a facility supports social dining. If you can, you should inquire from the residents if they are happy with the food and if they are motivated to eat with others.

Look into communication channels.  One of the vital things to check when choosing an assisted living facility is the communication between you and its staff.  You want a facility that does not hesitate to notify you of your loved one’s condition and any changes in their mental and physical health.  Do not settle for a facility before determining whether or not the management urges caregivers and the family of the residents to maintain communication and transparency.  Moreover, ask who decides for the facility and who to contact in case questions arise regarding emergencies and medical care, among other concerns.

You need to put safety into account.  Safety features include issues that are related to health and security.  Ensure bathrooms have grab bars, anti-slip mats, and accessible showers and tubs and that hallways have handrails.  A facility should not only have stairs but ramps and walkways as well. Additionally, check the kind of medical care a facility has.   Is there an authorized nurse on-site 24/7? Do staff reduce at night and how does this affect resident care?  Are medicines kept in a common area or the residents’ rooms? Do residents call during emergencies or the facility does it on their behalf? Find out more about assisted living facilities here:

You should factor in staff friendliness.  While you are visiting, look at the staff interacting with residents.   Are the workers helpful and well-behaved?  Do they listen?  How many workers are involved in a resident’s day-to-day life? What are the words you can use when describing a facility’s staff?   Since the employees will be intimately involved in the life of your loved one, it is imperative to ascertain that you are satisfied with the manner in which residents are handled. Get a general overview of the topic here: